Safeguarding and Complaints

Nothing is more important than children’s welfare.


This is a core Juventas policy. It covers a range of safeguarding issues that may impact upon young people accessing our services. All staff and volunteers must know from the onset that ‘nothing is more important than children’s welfare.

Children who need help and protection deserve high quality and effective support as soon as a need is identified. This expectation is fundamental to our ethos and values.

A copy of the Juventas Safeguarding Procedures Handbook is issued to all staff and volunteers. Additionally, staff and volunteers are expected to familiarise themselves with individual safeguarding polices that are available for specific areas of concern.

Below are links to our Safeguarding policys for Supported Accommodation and Residendial Children’s Homes.

Safeguarding for Support Accommodation [PDF, 4MB]

Safeguarding for Residendial Children’s Homes [PDF, 4MB]


Anyone can make a complaint and we need to know if things go wrong. This is important because it will help us to develop and learn in order to provide the best possible services and support.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about our service.

Who can complain?

Our policy is in place for children and young people. However, it may be used by anyone who has a concern or complaint about any aspect of our services.
Juventas wish to make clear form the onset that anyone who wishes to make a complaint is entitled to be accompanied by an advocate or supportive individual. A complainant (i.e. the person who makes a complaint) may be accompanied at any stage of the procedures outlined in this policy.
We want children and young people to be confident and assured in the knowledge that their views and feelings will be taken seriously. We are committed to this principle and any attempt by staff to “cover up” concerns or ignore complaints will be taken extremely seriously.

Our complaints policy

Juventas complaints policy [PDF, 2MB]