Our Values

Juventas Services Limited are an innovative and forward-thinking organisation. We are focused upon delivering high-quality services to vulnerable children and young people.

Juventas is the Roman Goddess of youth and rejuvenation. Her name is derived from the Latin word ‘iuvenis’ meaning a young person or juvenile. Juventas represents the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Juventas aim to provide exceptional standards of regulated care and unregulated supported accommodation. Our mission is to enable children and young people to achieve social, emotional and financial independence in adulthood.  We aim to inspire and empower children and young people to embrace opportunities, raise their ambitions and create a positive future for themselves.

At Juventas, we aim to ensure that children and young people receive and benefit from responsible, effective care and/or support that aims to achieve positive, sustainable outcomes.



Juventas believe every child and young person has a right to be safe and feel safe.

Our services are equipped and maintained to high standards, across all sectors.

All services are subject to robust Area and Location Risk Assessments and situated away from areas associated with socio-economic deprivation and associated difficulties.

Staff are carefully selected for there knowledge, skills and experience all employees are subject to uncompromising conditions of safe recruitment.


We know that in order to truly thrive, everyone needs a secure base. Children and young people accessing our services will benefit from a consistency of approach and supportive boundaries that are provided with respect, dignity and understanding.

Each child and young person is provided with bespoke care and support packages that enable us to evidence the progress they make and acknowledge success in overcoming barriers to engagement.

Juventas aim to ensure that every child or young person for whom we care or support is empowered to make positive choices and achieve their goals.


Juventas know the value of education, learning and development. This applies to everyone, but in particular we will go the extra mile to support children and young people to access, benefit from and enjoy education, training and employment.

Our staff are trained to provide children and young people with invaluable advice, guidance and direction, as well as ensuring informed advocacy that seeks to promote their rights and entitlement.

We aim to ensure that all children and young people engage with education, training and employment that is appropriate for their age and stage.